IMPORTANT: Potential adopters must first complete an adoption application and be approved before contacting any rep about available dogs.


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This cute little guy is Zane. He’s about 1 1/2 years old and came into ARPH from a rural area for chasing down chickens which is a story that has led us to many great dogs before him. Zane is a sweet boy who wants love and attention all of the time from his person. Sometimes he jumps up when he gets excited but is learning better manners from his foster home. He’s a smart boy but has a lot to learn yet.  

Zane loves other dogs and loves to play with them. He can be a bit pushy and rough about it like many young aussies but is very good natured about it all. 

He is very good about being in a crate and relaxing there. 

Zane is somewhat fearful of new people when he first goes to new places but adjusts well over time with exposure and patience. He’s comfortable with multiple surfaces and places but needs calm and time to meet new people. We believe this behavior will reduce significantly over time if he’s handled properly. This lovely young boy is looking for a forever home with an experienced dog owner who will help him mature into an even more wonderful dog than he already is.  If already approved contact


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Meet Marti, she is one amazing little girl! She’s a beautiful 4 year old red tri female Aussie, who was a breeder in a puppy mill. When Marti came into rescue with ARPH she was completely shut down. Her temporary foster likely gave her first bath and had her on grass and a leash for the first time. Everything was new to her. Marti she didn’t trust humans. She NEVER showed any aggression, but it was clear she was terrified of humans.

Through ARPH volunteers, she moved from Ohio to Virginia where she has been learning how to be a dog. She gets along great with her foster brother and enjoys walks with her dog friends in the neighborhood. She is learning to play with toys and enjoys hanging out with the family watching tv. Her distrust of humans is subsiding, she will come over to people she has just met for a pet and a treat!

Marti is still shy, but she’s coming out of her shell nicely. She enjoys outings and walks well on a leash.

She’s on the smaller side, she’s just 40lbs.

Marti would do best in a home that has lots patience and love to give her. She needs a family that can see what an amazing dog she will be and is willing to make that effort on her behalf. She’s a smart little girl and has done incredibly well in the short time she’s been with ARPH.

Marti would do well with an equally patient dog to show her the ropes, or as an only dog, IF her humans were around a lot and continued to socialize her and work with her.

If you’re looking for an Aussie that is eager to learn and ready to love – Marti is your girl. She’s being fostered in Alexandria, VA. If you’re an approved adopter, please contact


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If you can lob a tennis ball you will have a friend for life with this pretty girl.  Kimba is a very energetic 9 year old spayed back tri female with heart melting kisses and an adorable wiggly butt. Besides ball she loves going for hikes in the woods with her foster mom. She found herself in need of rescue when her family of 9 years moved and decided not to take her along.  Despite this traumatic upset in her life she has adjusted very well to her foster home  and is anxiously waiting  her forever home.  She is currently being fostered with 2 cats and interacts well with them.  Kimba has lived her life as an only dog and seems to enjoy being the one and only in her human’s heart so will be placed in a single dog home. We are unaware if she has been exposed to children so will only be placed with older ones.  

Kimba is up to date on shots, been heart worm tested and is currently on heart worm preventative. Her foster mom has been working on clicker training with her. Kimba thinks it’s great and  is loving  all those yummy treats that come along with it. She knows her basic commands (sit, down, come, paw, back), but could still use a little work on leash walking. She is crate trained and  housebroken.  She rides beautifully in the car and she even gets to poke her nose out the back window so she can enjoy all those wonderful smells.   

If you are looking for a wonderful companion who truly loves people then look no further.   Kimba is being fostered in western CT.  If you have an approved ARPH application contact


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Hi, my name is Rufus and I'm a 5 month old red Tri aussie boy that's looking for a forever home. My family feel on hard times and was unable to provide for me so it was not my fault that I'm needing a new family. I'm a very good boy! My foster mom said that I sometimes have the zoomies as I love to run around the yard and play with her aussie. I am very gentle and appropriate with other dogs. If dogs are snarky, it really hurts my feeling and I will cry and retreat. I only want to be their best buddy. I play gently with other dogs, also like cats, people and even children.  

I'm crate trained and housebroken, loved to play but also settle nicely and like to cuddle when in the house. My foster mom says I am athletic but have such a sweet disposition that I could do anything from agility to therapy when I grow up.  

I like chew bones but need to learn how to fetch. I have interest in toys and socks so I'm going to learn how to fetch in no time at all.

I'm a smart little fellow so I'm looking for a home with another dog to play with and a fenced yard so I can safely run around. I need a home that has had herding breeds before so they will be able to keep my mental and physical energy met. I liked spending time on the farm, have a great recall and would love vacationing, hiking and maybe even swimming. I really love to ride in a vehicle and will jump right in. Rufus is looking for a home that is aussie savvy and active, another dog to be his buddy, a traditional fenced yard and someone that is up to raising a very well behaved puppy.   He is being fostered in WV. If you are
approved by ARPH, please contact Tami.


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Maxwell is a wonderful boy!!!  He is approximately 12 years old, but as he has been in foster, he seems younger!  Max is now about 55 pounds, still gaining weight and building muscle.  His ears have been infected for a very long time, they are permanently curled from the infection.    He is a sweet boy who loves attention, please rub my ears, but, sides, head, any part of me!  He hasn't met another dog he doesn't like.  He  is currently living with cats in his foster homes.  He likes kids.  Maxwell is a great boy.

Maxwell walks well on leash, loves to sniff, he has nosework potential.  Max is not interested in toys, he does love food.  He knows sit, though down is hard for him right now.  Max is completely housebroken.  He is not fond of stairs, so easy access to a yard is helpful.

Maxwell is fostered in Southwest PA.   If you are an approved adopter, contact

sam collage

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Sam is a wonderful dog and would make any family a great pet.  Sam loves to play fetch or take a walk. But he is also happy to settle down and watch TV.  Sam is a mature boy at 7 years old. So, no wondering what he will be like as he matures, he is there and what you see is what you get.  Sam is a beautiful blue merle though the shelter he was pulled from shaved him down (he wandered from his home too many times since they just let him loose all of the time and they agreed to give him up). His coat is growing out, but is still fairly short.  Sam is a very quiet boy. Sam barks a bit when excited and playing. Otherwise, he is quiet.

The one word that describes Sam best is sweet.  He is just a sweet boy, fun loving but gentle. He gets along wonderfully with the four cats in his foster home. Though at times Sam puts up a fight over giving up a toy, he is never aggressive about it, just hangs on.  Sam and his foster mom have an ongoing disagreement regarding toys in the yard. She says no and Sam says yes. So, checking his mouth and removing toys prior to going outside is a multiple times a day occurrence.  Sam’s one flaw is that he resource guards chews (bone, antler, horn, hoof, yak stick) against the other animals. In his foster home, once the chews were picked up, Sam has been fantastic. As his foster mom has 2 to 3 other dogs, the chews are only available in crates, thus avoiding Sam’s resource guarding.  Sam love toys (just not as much as chews so he does not resource guard them). Sam especially loves squeaky plush toys. He has been de-squeaking one to two toys a day, he is a bit of an expert in this skill. He likes to chew and as there are no chews around, he is chewing the toys that are around.  He never eats any toy he rips into and never chews anything that isn’t a dog toy.

Sam is housebroken and is trusted loose with the other dogs and cats during the work day when no human is home.  Sam also goes to doggy daycare and does well there. Sam loves to play with other dogs, his little stub wagging away.  But, with is resource guarding, he is probably best as an only dog or with someone that understands and will manage this issue.

Sweet Sam would love a forever home of his own.
If already approved contact Amy.


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Look at this beautiful boy Duke. Stunning 1 1/2 year neutured male.  This boy is a cuddling Velcro boy who loves his people. His world was recently shattered when tragic health issues fell upon his human momma. He clung to her sensing things weren't right. Sadly, he and his lifelong fur companion had to be rehomed due to the families battle with health issues.

His heart was broken. He searches for her daily. Soon after his surrender he was neutured. Another scary situation ...to process. Shortly after that he was brought in as a foster with two big active boys that don't understand his grief and want him to play (they play rough).

Duke is frightened, heartbroken, and clinging to hope. He picks at his food little by little because his appetite is not important at the moment. He needs a family, he needs security, he needs love, he needs consoling. He needs these things as soon as possible to help him work through his grief.

Duke is house trained, crate trained, will sit on request and is great on a leash.

At this time Duke must be an only dog. He does not appear to be real high energy but he's not lazy. He has a lot to process. He's happy to join in whatever his people are doing. He is not interested in toy play at this time, but after his initial grieving period that could change. He used to love swimming in the family pool.

Please help us get this beautiful boy a family. The first picture was Duke before he lost his family when he was happy and secure. The other photo is after his heart break. Please help us to get the Aussie smile back in those beautiful blue eyes.

If you have an approved application please contact