IMPORTANT: Potential adopters must first complete an adoption application and be approved before contacting any rep about available dogs.


Maryland has an ARPH license plate, contact aussieplates@yahoo.com for more info


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This cute little guy is Zane. He’s about 2 now and came into ARPH from a rural area. He is very good about being in a crate and relaxing there. Zane is a quiet dog, not at all barky  He has started to purr, not sure how else to describe it, he loudly makes rolling "r" type noises when he is excited/happy, it's very cute! 

Zane is a sweet boy who wants love and attention all of the time from his person. Sometimes he jumps up when he gets excited but is learning better manners from his foster home. He’s a smart boy but has a lot to learn yet. This boy was believed to be all aussie when he was taken into the program but over time in his foster home, we believe that he’s not purebred but don’t know what he may have in him. 

Zane loves other dogs and playing with them. He can play pushy but is happy in his play and would love to have a buddy to live with. Zane is fearful of new people and new dogs when he first meets them and can be reactive but he adjusts well over time with exposure and patience. He’s comfortable in different environments but needs calm and time to meet new people and dogs. This youngster is looking for a forever home with an
experienced owner who will help him work through his issues and help him mature into a more confident adult.  If already approved contact Amy.


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This ADORABLE little Aussie is Annie. She is being fostered in Richmond, Virginia.  Sweet Annie is now available for adoption. Annie is NOT blind or deaf -- although her coloring would suggest that. We think Annie is beautiful inside and out!   Annie is fully vetted and is healthy. She's  2.5 years old and on the smaller side -- about 40 pounds. Annie loves being with her human, but is a little shy. She could care less about her foster brother. Her foster mother thinks she'll do best in a quiet home, as an only dog (or with an equally laid back dog) -- maybe with a recent retiree or with someone that works from home. With lots of love and patience, she'll be a GREAT dog. She loves to snuggle and has wonderful manners both indoors and out!    Annie was an owner give up, because the owner didn't have time for her. If you have an approved application please contact Karen.


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Lucy #13738, sister to Logan #13737,  is a beautiful five year old spayed black tri that was very much-loved and cared for by her owner but was sadly given up due to health reasons.  She is a little heavy at 60 pounds but with diet and exercise will be able to drop to a more reasonable weight. She is housebroken, crate trained, up to date on vaccinations, and is on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. .Lucy quickly found a spot in the hearts of her foster family; she is very easy going.  She loves to go for long walks and playing with her canine foster brothers but will also relax and hang out by your side.  Lucy loves her ball and stuffed animals, but she will chew the stuffing out.  She is great in the car and enjoys going for rides.  She knows several commands and loves to please.  Lucy will only be placed in a home with a secure, traditionally fenced yard.  She likes people(especially her foster dad!) and has lived with children, cats, horses, chickens, and goats. Lucy is fostered in Berks County, PA.  She would be best in an active home with another dog, an Aussie-savvy home that will be committed to providing structure, including taking her to obedience class.   If you think you might be able to do that and are already approved, please contact Kay.   


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Logan, ARPH #13737, is a five year old neutered red merle that was very much-loved and cared for by his owner but was sadly given up due to health  reasons.  He is a big boy at about 24 inches tall and currently 68 pounds. The vet said he should lose around 7 pounds. Logan is mellow and quiet in the house, is crate-trained, up to date on vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.  He is housebroken and will go to the door or cry to get attention when he needs to go out. Logan gets along with his foster sister, who is a typical female that does not want to share her house with another dog, but they play well together outside. He is very tolerant of her snarky behavior. Logan would do best in a secure, traditionally fenced yard. He will chase deer if given the chance and has shown an interest in passing cars, but a tug of the leash gets his attention back. He likes to be brushed and will go belly up for you to brush there.  Logan is very gentle with his kisses and will put his paw on your arm when he wants you to keep petting him.  He loves going for walks and car rides; he jumps right in and is well behaved in the car. Logan knows sit, get back, get out of there, and will lie down slowly. He has learned “get in your crate” since that is where he gets the treat and eats his food. His foster mom has taken him to a couple basic obedience classes where he is learning he should walk closer and not on the end of the leash. He is learning “place” to be his raised bed. He is doing well at sitting at a door and waiting for an “outside” or “in the house” before he goes through a doorway.  He has not gone on the counter or in the garbage but gives the typical Aussie sniffs so may take advantage if the garbage is out or food is left on the counter when no one is home.  Logan enjoys playing fetch and will bring a tennis ball back.  He likes people and has lived with children, cats, horses, chickens, and goats. Logan is fostered in central New Jersey.  He would be best in an active home with another dog, an Aussie-savvy home that will be committed to providing structure, including taking him to obedience class.   If you think you might be able to do that and are already approved, please contact Kay.    


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Louie is a 9 month old handsome, red bi Aussie. He is a big lover, and thinks he is a lap dog. He loves to play and is good with other dogs and cats. Louie is crate trained and housebroken. he loves having another dog in the house, but will be happy as an only dog if given lots of mental and physical stimulation. Louie is just beginning to learn commands and will need a manners or obedience class to extend his education. His recall is not perfect yet, but getting pretty good. A fenced yard is preferred. Louie is fostered in the Pittsburgh area. If you are an approved ARPH adopter, please contact Maribeth .